It was in 1966 that the Sammys's Fishbox story began; From our very humbe beginnings in 1966 we have grown from a 26 seat snack bar to a 500 seats, full service restaurant; preparing upwards of 1 million meals annually. Our phenomenal growth has been most gratifying to us.
Since the beginning we believe some things are as true today as they were years ago; quality attracts customers, value earns respectand compromise in either is inappropriate.
Our formula is very simple; we serve the best quality food prepared fresh daily in a uncompromising manner and served in generous portions at affordable prices.
We at Sammy's wish to thank our customers for your loyalty in the past and we promise to earn more of that loyalty in the future.
Sincerely, Sammy
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Sammy's Fish Box is OPEN YEAR ROUND. We also have late night dining especially during the summer months. We remain open until 3:00am and have a fabulous "TAKE OUT SECTION" with a waiting area bar & big screen television.
Sammy's Fish Box offers extensive Valet Parking facilities. We have 4 huge parking lots surrounding our restaurant for your convenience. Professional parking services for our customer during both lunch & dinner.